A personalized guest book for your wedding

The wedding guest book is an important element because it contains the testimonies of love and friendship of your guests. That’s why personalizing it with your first names, the date of the day or photos will make it a unique object that you will enjoy consulting. Writing a date on it will give your guestbook its full meaning as it goes through the years.

To help you, we have selected a number of products from the most classic to the most original that you can customize. Choose a personalized guest book according to your tastes and your wedding theme.

A personalized guestbook paper version

If you prefer to keep the classic form of the guestbook, know that today several companies offer you to customize its cover. You can thus opt for a guest book where will appear the first names of the bride and groom and the date of the day D. There are different designs that will suit your wedding theme whether it is art deco, vintage, country like this personalized guestbook decorated with flowers made by Printyourlove.

If you like images, you may prefer a cover illustrated with the bride and groom’s photo. So choose a pretty romantic photo and call on the services of a company specialized in photo albums. Here we have chosen an example of a personalized guestbook with photo from Carteland.

A personalized guestbook cover made of:

To give relief to your guestbook, you can choose a cover with unusual materials. For example, we suggest a cloth blanket that you can have embroidered with the bride and groom’s first names and the date of the day. If you have sewing skills, you can do it yourself. On a linen or cotton fabric, this personalized blanket style will be particularly suitable for a vintage wedding.

Another idea: the personalized wood cover guestbook. The wood’s cachet will lend itself particularly well to a rustic wedding decoration. You can thus choose a wooden cover where will be engraved the first names of the bride and groom. You can illustrate it with drawings like this rural crown or this forest drawing.

The cover of the guestbook can also be made of plexiglass. The first names and the date of the day D will be engraved in acrylic. They will appear by transparency above a cover illustrated by a drawing. For example, you can choose a world map if you have chosen a wedding theme about travel.

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