My name is Jane Brown and I want you to discover my passion. My passion for weddings.

I am 32 years old and I have 2 children. I also have a dog, it’s a labrador, his name is Tweesty.

Two years ago, I married Tom. And we decided at the time to plan our wedding ourselves without wedding planner help. We had experienced the anxiety of the months that passed and the work that accumulated.

I wanted a seaside wedding. I had visited several beaches to be able to do my wedding ceremony. But for all the decisions about the wedding I had to have Tom’s approval as well. I wanted it to be our wedding and not just my wedding.

We also had to plan the number of guests for the small ceremony on the beach. It was not an easy task. Indeed, choosing a dozen guests among his relatives, it was rather complicated. But we wanted to keep a little charm with few people.

We’ve been through a lot during our organization. Indeed, the weather wasn’t necessarily going to be there.  We wanted our dog to face off on the happiest day of our lives. But some beaches did not accept his presence. The caterer fell seriously ill two weeks before the wedding. Faced with these many problems and constraints, we have to bounce back to make our wedding the most beautiful wedding. That’s why we offer you our advice, our tips to organize your wedding without stress.