Engagement ring or wedding ring: what’s the difference?

Over time, traditions around marriage have become somewhat simplified and in today’s wedding vocabulary, there is often a tendency to confuse the engagement ring with the wedding ring. But what really differentiates them?

Engagement, a promise of marriage

Today, traditions tend to get lost and the world of marriage is one of the first to suffer. So much so that some even confuse engagement with marriage. However, these are two quite distinct notions.

In the tradition, let us recall that before passing to the marriage, the future groom asks the hand of his beloved. If she says yes, they promise each other their intention to get married: this is called engagement. By extension, engagement refers to the entire period between this promise and the marriage itself, between the unofficial « yes » and the official « yes ».

Ring or ring, what’s the difference?

So you will have understood the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring. The first is the manifest expression of love between the bride and groom. It shows a deep and unconditional attachment. In a couple, the moment when the man asks his future wife’s hand is one of the richest in emotion.

This is why engagement rings are often much more precious than wedding rings, which symbolize only the formalization of the act in the eyes of the law or a god. Wedding rings usually consist of a simple gold, platinum or silver ring, while engagement rings are most often decorated with precious stones or diamonds – like those you can see at https://www.vuillermoz.fr/c-505-bagues-de-fiancailles.

The symbolism around the engagement ring

As we were explaining, the engagement ring symbolizes the determination of the bride and groom to cherish each other for life. But this has not always been the case. Among the Greeks, the first to experience a similar tradition, rings were offered as a sign of affection and protection, but not only for marriage. They could just as well have been offered as a sign of friendship.

It was in the Renaissance that the rings began to be set with precious stones. The brilliance guaranteed harmony after the wedding. The diamond, highly coveted in wedding jewellery, is still considered a symbol of peace, purity and innocence.

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