How to choose your wedding rings?

You’ve been strutting around for months, delighted, with your sublime engagement ring (Monica Geller comes out of this body!) and you’re now thinking about the wedding ring that will sublimate it:) But in what gold? With or without stones? And besides, does an engagement ring absolutely have to go with an engagement ring?

We interviewed the Perugia Paris jewellery house to answer all these questions. After that, for sure, he will be able, serenely, to put the right ring on your finger!

A golden choice!

Between yellow gold, white gold and pink gold, the choice of colour can be a real dilemma. Traditionally, the bride and groom turn to yellow gold or white gold but a new one has pointed the tip of his nose… pink gold! And the fiancés are tearing it off. Why? Why? Quite simply, because in addition to being delicate and suitable for all skin tones, it is a gold that goes very well with white gold. So anyone who has a sublime white gold engagement ring and dreams of this pink gold can shout Hallelujah! The two will marry marvelously.

How to convince your half that pink gold is THE right choice? Just tell him the truth: it’s a discreet, all-purpose gold! It’ll look great on him.

You want it to shine?

When you think of an alliance, you immediately think of a gold ring, very simple… But what you dream of, it is perhaps a ring adorned with small stones all around! A ring that all your friends will envy you. And we understand you! While we say it once and for all: no, stones are not reserved for the engagement ring. So if you dream of a river of diamonds on your wedding ring, you have the right

However, remember that your wedding ring must be adapted to your daily life. If you spend your days with your hands in water or sludge, a model with lots of small stones may not be very suitable, even if you dream of it. It’s up to you to see if you’re ready to take it off every day!

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