Ideas for the napkin ring : Wooden and Metal

Used at the base to store napkins, the napkin ring has become over the years a real decorative object. In vegetable, refined or design versions, the latter is modernized for the greatest pleasure of lovers of beautiful tables. The napkin ring is also a decorative object that you can easily make yourself. Paper, wood, fabric… Give free rein to your creativity to make napkin rings in perfect harmony with your wedding theme.

Wooden napkin ring

Nature offers an endless source of inspiration to create original napkin rings. Wood in particular is a material of choice for DIY enthusiasts. In this idea, Ochre and Ocre proposes you very rustic napkin rings. These are wooden slices that have been pierced so that a roll of towel can be slipped into them. The bark of the wood can also create a natural effect. You can then cut strips of bark and roll them up and secure them with a stapler or glue. For a bucolic touch, you can also opt for napkin rings made of branches like these rings made of vine shoots seen at Tree Beginnings. At West Elm, these banana stems (or raffia) that have been transformed to weave an exotic napkin ring.

Simple to make, you can choose to decorate yourself classic wooden napkin rings. For this, several methods are available to you. Pyrography can be used to personalize your napkin rings with a first name. Also consider towelling or painting to decorate your rings. Here is a decorative idea that your guests can keep as a souvenir of your wedding. For a country wedding, napkin rings in the shape of a palisade will undoubtedly cause a sensation among your guests. A few wooden spikes and string will be enough to create these original napkin rings. For a marine theme, consider painting your napkin rings in the colours of a buoy. Then use adhesive tape that you stick on the parts to be left blank to create well symmetrical strips.

Metal napkin ring

Practical and elegant, the wire will allow you to sculpt your napkin rings. To do this, simply wrap the thread around the napkin roll to obtain a perfectly presentable ring. You can also use wire to draw shapes like these hearts found on the Botanique editions website. Wire can also be used to enhance other ornaments such as flowers.

You can also make a mesh of aluminum wire to surround your napkins. An idea that will perfectly suit an oriental theme. The cake tin can be diverted to serve as a napkin ring, like this star proposed by Martha Stewart. Consider also the metal to be repelled that can also be mobilized to make napkin rings on a medieval theme.

The metal will also lend its design side for modern napkin rings such as this metal buckle adorned with a rhinestone. If you have chosen a wedding with a baroque or glamorous theme, this napkin ring in the shape of a ring will make a sensation with your guests.

Here is an idea which will not fail to surprise and will illustrate wonderfully a greedy theme. You can slip into the metal thread of the candies, like these mini eggs perfect for an Easter meal. To bring a touch of refinement to your presentation, you can thread beads into the wire, like this napkin ring with square green beads which you will find the explanation on the Créaclic website. If you like it, you’ll be seduced by this clever artichoke heart. This talented designer came up with the idea of recovering some wire mesh that she decorated with pearls to make silver napkin rings. Visit his blog for more details.

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