Ribbons and fabrics: What to choose?

The grace of the ribbon and the fabric can be used to decorate cars. The tulle will be par excellence the most practical fabric to decorate your car. Its vaporous effect can thus cover the rear deck of your vehicle, but also your hood. It will also combine wonderfully with floral compositions. Hang two thick tulle panels on the top of the hood and make them join on the front (V shape) by making a large n ud. For a Zen version, twisted branches can be added to the tulle.

The tulle can also be arranged diagonally from the roof to the opposite side of the bonnet, as if the car had its wedding veil? Roses can be hung along the tulle ribbon. Place under the tulle to create a precious effect. With humour, you can also decorate your car wheels by making little knots of tulle or ribbon attached to your hubcaps.

The ribbon can also be used to decorate your vehicle. Thus a simple coloured ribbon placed diagonally on the hood can accommodate flowers or butterflies piqué with a needle or sewn. Also play on the colours using ribbons of different shades creating a rainbow effect. In all simplicity a large cockade will be able to decorate the hood. Tie a piece of tulle across the car from the hood to the trunk through the roof.

If tulle remains the star of car decorations, other fabrics are emerging such as non-woven which will also allow you to make decorative strips and knots for your car. Also consider that the mixture of fabrics can be of the most beautiful effect. Thus the presence of a satin fabric, combined with the lightness of the tulle can constitute a decoration of the most sublime for your hood.

The bolduc is popular for its practicality and will allow you to make large decorative knots that will enhance your car, allowing you to pull out large areas of fabric and raise knots placed at strategic points such as the centre of the hood, the roof or the centre of the boot.

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