Ring cushion… why not an improved version?

It’s a tradition! I’d even say an institution! But where did it come from?

Quite simply, it is an alternative to the anxious search of pockets at the fateful moment.

This allows the witnesses or ring bearers to beautifully present and easily keep under hand the two rings so precious.

Nowadays, it is still very often used. With the DIY, the region’s talented designers and a touch of imagination? Today, we tell you all about the alliance port possibilities.

You’re gonna tell me… A wedding ring cushion isn’t the main thing… And it’s everywhere. I answer yes but… NO!

It’s a symbol, a highlight of your ceremony. You can choose to buy one of good quality that you will find easily but you can also:

Take advantage of the talent of a young designer

Wedding dress making sometimes extends to making accessories to go with it. Of which…. The ring cushions you guessed! Get in touch with your designer or one of his colleagues and you could have a customized cushion!

Decide to start and make it for you

You have just discovered that you were a seamstress at heart, or a good friend showed you that it wasn’t necessarily that complicated and here you are. Dreamy and wrapped you make the cushion that looks like you and that sticks to the theme of decoration of your wedding.

Change! the style, the object… everything.

The explanation of the cushion makes sense… but it can also be applied to other objects that will fulfill the same role while adapting to YOUR Wedding.

Think of an origami, a shell filled with sand (you must avoid burying rings there), a small bird’s nest, a dug book, a small boat, a chest… Everything is allowed!!

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