Table decoration: dressing up your table

Often, a wedding tablecloth or runner is used to enhance the table decoration while bringing a touch of color. The question then arises of its disposition on the table. We will see that according to the shape of your table, different possibilities are offered to you.

For round tables, a diamond-shaped square of fabric on your centerpiece will look great. To give more color to your decoration, you can opt for a tablecloth arranged in rhombus on the white tablecloth. You can also place a round cloth in the center of the table while playing to make folds.

Square tables can be highlighted by a table runner placed diagonally across the table from one corner to the other. Another solution: cross two table runners of different colours perpendicularly. The square tablecloth can also be considered and will be arranged elegantly diamond-shaped on the table.

For rectangular tables, a coloured table runner that runs through the table from one end to the other will form a harmonious tablecloth. You can also choose to have the table runners head to head running across the table in width from one place to the opposite place. More original, diagonally placed table runners will create a symmetrical effect.

Place mats will also appear as a solution to decorate your table. You can cut them yourself from non-woven fabric or buy them ready-made. Perfect for an exotic or country theme, this leaf place mat will bring a playful touch to your wedding.

More discreet, the ribbons arranged in width and length will be a way to bring character to your decoration. You will find in particular flowery ribbons. that will blend beautifully into a country theme.

Coasters and dishes will also be a way to embellish your table. In the shape of a vine leaf, a butterfly or a star, they will allow you to illustrate your theme.

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