Wedding Car Decorating Ideas: Flower Compositions

Although the choice of vehicle may seem insignificant, it will nevertheless reveal the style you wish to give your reception. Thus the 2 Cv or the ladybug will bring a humorous and light touch to your wedding while a classic car will evoke the elegance of large receptions. Of course the everyday car will lend itself very well to the exercise of the bride and groom’s procession’ and will prove to be very practical in many respects to swallow the wedding dress often very voluminous !

Also consider that other means of transportation (horse-drawn carriage, motorbike…) may well transport the bride and groom, as we will see in more detail in this article. Whether the choice of vehicle is of little importance or decisive for you, car decoration seems almost indispensable. So to help you in this step, here are some ideas taken from here and there?

Floral compositions
Among the many car decorations, the most common solution remains the floral arrangement to attach to your hood with a cube of oasis foam with suction cups, which you can buy from your florist. The prices of the compositions vary according to the size of the composition and the desired flowers, count on average of 70? à 150? composition. You should also know that some florists can take care of the complete decoration of your car: tulle, handle? A not inconsiderable solution when you know that the bride and groom rarely have the time to decorate the car on D-Day. This is why this task is entrusted to a relative, who is often the driver of the car.

You will be able to arrange the garlands of flowers located diagonally on the hood or dispersing along the bodywork. You can use natural flowers or paper flowers that you have made yourself following these instructions. The garland of flowers can be fixed along the windscreen on the hood or climb from the hood to the roof.

Easy to make, you can also make a bouquet to lay on your hood. If your car has a long hood, you can arrange your bouquet inversely, with the stems on the windshield side and the plume of flowers falling down the hood (Photo traction Pure lines). Put your car decoration under the sign of humour by hanging flowers on your windshield wipers.

Choose the flowers in your flower arrangement according to your wedding theme. Thus palm leaves, birds of paradise, will be perfect for an exotic theme. Roses will be ideal for a romantic theme. If you wish to create your own floral composition, you should know that floralisa has supports with suction pad specially designed to be fixed on the bride and groom’s car.

You can also play with the foliage like this leaf ball which gives the floral composition all its originality. We will also highlight the originality of this car decoration featuring a round composition placed on the hood and connected by small beaded wires covering the roof of the car.
There are many floral compositions of all kinds and we do not pretend here to expose the exhaustiveness of these compositions, but to give you some ideas to bring a plus to your decoration. So for a rural theme, do not hesitate to add raffia in your compositions, whose strands flying in the wind will bring a touch of lightness. Ivy can also be used to decorate your car. Fix long ivy vines along the body (from the hood to the trunk) as if nature invaded your vehicle? An inexpensive and easy to make decoration. For an exotic decoration, consider using large palm leaves that will cover your hood. Falling plants like amaranth (foxtail) will help give volume to your flower arrangements.

Also think of the wreath of flowers that can adorn the front of the car. Use a crown of oasis moss in which you will prick the stems of the flowers. Then hang the crown with a ribbon. Make the most of the profusion by creating a kind of floral bush that runs through the hood.

The shape of your car will also be an element to take into account in your decoration, all the corners are good to decorate? You can thus place floral compositions on the front of the headlights of a 2CV or on the step of a traction.

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